Best Android Video editing Apps 2019

Android Video Editing Apps 2019:

There was a time when thinking about video editing, it seemed that this work was not possible without a computer. But since the smartphone came in, this concept completely changed. Currently, there is a large number of video Editing software for computers, so for Android, the number of video editing apps in the Google Play store is not less. These apps are unique in their work and they have amazing features.

Basic Video Editing is easily made by this type of Video Editing App in the Google Play Store. In some cases it is possible to edit video of professional quality. With this Video Editor app you can easily edit your videos and upload it to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Youtube.

In today's post, the best Android Video Editing App of the 2015 selected from the Play Store was discussed.

Best Video Editing Apps For Android 2019:


PowerDirector Video Editor App 2019

PowerDirector is a feature-rich android video editing app that is easily accessible. There is also a timeline interface. Easy to use App. But in some cases the App may have to give you time to control. But once you are expert in using PowerDirector, you can create Effect Rich and Professional quality video within a few seconds.

PowerDirector has more than 30 effects that can be used on video. You can create a Green Screen video using the App. You can also create tutorial video with it.

There are almost all the necessary features in the PowerDirector Free version. But once a free version is upgraded you will get many additional benefits. Such as water mark and add-remove, can be extracted in 1080p and 4K resolutions. PowerDirector supports all versions beyond Android 4.5.

PowerDirector Video Editor App 2019 Special Features:
  •     Video can be exported in 4K resolutions
  •     Slow motion video editor
  •     'Chroma' key selector

FilmoraGo Video Editor App 2019

FilmoraGo is an extraordinary Android video editing app that many users like. You can easily edit a video using all basic functions such as video trimming, video cutting, theme editing, music adding, etc.

You can edit videos of different ratios using FilmoraGo. As for example 1: 1 ratio for the Instagram, you can edit the 16: 9 aspect ratio for the video. You can also make videos more attractive using transitions, slow motion, text.

After editing the video, you can save it to the gallery or share it directly with social media. Can be downloaded from the Google Play Store to FilmoraGo free. Basic features of the app have all the basic features. FilmoraGo supports all versions from Android 4.3.

FilmoraGo Video Editor App 2019 Special Features:

  •     FilmoraGo has amazing all templates and effects
  •     There are many professional video editing tools
  •     Real-time preview is supported
  •     Direct social sharing is supported

ActionDirector video editing app 2019

ActionDirector has the second position in today's list. This is a popular video editing app. Video editing is very easy using the ActionDirector. The app has video triming, video cutting, themes, music, filters, effects, transitions, which can be used to edit all outstanding video.

Action Director is one of the video editing apps that supports 4K. The app has several functions, along with functions like Speed Edit, Video Stabilizer, Slow Motion, Fast Motion, Video Highlighting.

ActionDirector can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. A good aspect of this app is that it is frequently updated by developers. ActionDirector supports all versions from Android 4.3.

ActionDirector video editing app 2019 Special Features:

  •     4K supported Video Editor
  •     Features of Color, Brightness, Contrast, Saturation Adjustment
  •     There are too many transitions

 Adobe Premiere Clip Video Editor App 2019

Another great video editing app is Adobe Premiere Clip. This app will be released for Android users in Adobe 2015. It is possible to edit a video very quickly with the help of Adobe Premiere Clip. Moreover, the app is easy to use.

Adobe Premiere Clip is a best feature for automated video creation capability. That means that if you select the photo or video clip then the app is automatically able to create a video for you. Moreover, you can create amazing video using video triming, video cutting, theme, music, filters, effects, transitions, in the app.

After editing the video on Adobe Premiere Clip, you can save it to the gallery or share it directly with social media. Adobe Premiere Clip is completely free. The app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Moreover, because of the Ads Free User interface you will not have to face any annoying add.

 AdobePremiere Clip Video Editor App 2019 Special Features:

  •     Auto Audio Mix feature
  •     Automated Video Creation Capability
  •     Produced video can be exported to Adobe Premier Pro CC

KineMaster video editor App 2019

KineMaster is a video editing application rich in unique user interface and features for Android. It's a powerful video editing app. You can easily import various media files using the drag-n-drop feature in the app. KineMaster is very easy to use and it can be made very quickly with professional quality video.

There are almost all of the necessary features for editing the KineMaster video. However, to remove watermarks from the video and access to full features, you must buy KineMaster's premium version.

KineMaster video editor App 2019 Special Features:

  •     The media file has the drag-n-drop feature to import
  •     There is also a use of multiple layers in video
  •     Real time preview is supported

VideoShow video editor App 2019

VideoShow has won several notable awards since its release and is undoubtedly one of the best video editing apps for free, available for Android at Play Store. VideoShow also has a user friendly interface.

You can make your video look more beautiful and attractive by adding text, effects, music, sound effects or live dubbing along with the necessary functions in the app.

There are more than 50 themes in VideoShow. You can also reduce the size of the video by using VideoShow to keep the quality of the video properly. VideoShow Filmor is called Best Alternative, which supports almost all the Android versions.

VideoShow video editor App 2019 Special Features:

  •     Blurred Background, Audio Speed Adjustment, Voice Enhancement Feature
  •     There are 50+ themes to 'beautify' the video or slideshow
  •     Can convert video to soundtrack mp3

 VivaVideo video editor app 2019

VivaVideo is a popular video editing app. The app has great features. VivaVideo is designed in such a way that users can easily edit professional quality video. Using VivaVideo, you can create short videos for social media.

VivaVideo has more than 200 million users worldwide. The app has hundreds of effects and filters that can be used to make video more beautiful and attractive. VivaVideo has a free version of Play Store. But there are some limitations like watermark and time limit. So to access premium features you must buy the Pro version.

 VivaVideo video editor app 2019 Special Features:

  •     Built-in Slow Motion Video Maker
  •     200+ effects and filter
  •     Has the advantage of creating collage video

If you think of the video editor on Android then you can try the apps above. Hope you enjoy it and come to work. And yes, do not forget to share the post if you like it.
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