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About Of Typing Master PRO:

Take your writing to ensuing level at no cost
Getting your ideas from your head onto the screen may be difficult, significantly if, like most of the people, you've got ne'er learned to sort. Typing Master gets obviate this frustration by serving to you to coach and improve your writing speed and accuracy. This academic package contains hours of writing lessons and Associate in Nursing analysis gadget that you just will use to assess your writing in alternative applications. customized feedback and coaching recommendations get you acting on the actual areas wherever you wish to boost.

TypingMaster ProReview Guide

Thank you for reviewing TypingMaster Pro! This guide is meant to assist you start with our program and simply try its key options.
TypingMaster professional is an economical and versatile writing tutor that adjusts to the user's learning desires.
At TypingMaster, we consider our customer's time precious. That's why our team has developed a collection of best Learning options to encourage the user, accelerate learning and save time.
Optimal Learning options support your learning in many ways.
When you see how you are making rapid progress and reaching your goals, you’ll be motivated to keep going.
If weak spots area unit detected, they are eliminated immediately with customized review exercises.
You can simply work coaching to your schedule because of our bite-sized drills.
Finally, once you've got completed the writing courses the distinctive TypingMaster Satellite integrates coaching into your everyday work and you'll continue honing your skills with custom exercises.
The bottom line - you'll acquire higher writing skills in less time.
In as very little as three to five hours, depending on your progress, you can master the letter keys and common punctuation and take your new skills into action. You can then continue by taking the Speed Building Course, learning the number row, the special marks and even the 10-key pad.
TypingMaster professional seven is meant for users from ages twelve to adult. If employed by younger youngsters, we tend to do advocate parent or teacher steerage.

Taking the Touch Typing Course

1. begin TypingMaster pro. offer your name on the login screen and click on Enter.

When you log within the program the terribly 1st time, you'll be taken to the course choice screen.

Note: Once you've got started finding out, the program can bear in mind wherever you left off last. after you log in once more, can take you on to the lesson and highlight the exercise to require.

2. we have a tendency to suggest that you just begin with Step one, the typewriting Course. Click on "Start Course" to still the course content page.

The course content page shows you the structure of the course and is shown by default after you 1st access a course. you'll be able to access the course content page any time from the typewriting lessons.

3. Click on "Start Course" once more to travel to the primary lesson. The exercise you ought to take next is highlighted. To start, merely click on the highlighted exercise.

4. Exercise 1.1 could be a "Read Only". It offers you a fast introduction to the typewriting technique and a few tips before you begin the particular drills. There ar another "Read only" exercises within the course that offer further data, as an example "Understanding Results" in lesson one and "Ergonomics" in lesson three.

5. Exercise 1.2 is that the 1st typewriting drill and teaches the house row keys ASDF JKL;

When "Optimized Duration" is in use, you'll be able to set AN accuracy target for yourself. Exercise period depends on however well you reach the accuracy target, with some thought to your typewriting speed too.

The option to vary the target is given within the starting of every typewriting drill. If you do not need to vary the accuracy goal, merely press "Space" to start the drill.

Note: TypingMaster professional doesn't feature speed targets as we have a tendency to ar robust believers that accuracy is a lot of vital than speed once learning to sort. you wish to find out the key positions 1st and develop fluent and correct finger movement. Once you've got that coated, speed can develop naturally and quick.

6. Continue the course to examine the various exercise varieties in TypingMaster professional. As you learn a lot of keys, the exercises become a lot of varied. Capitalization and also the amount ar educated in lesson five and from there on, the program is in a position to simulate real typewriting utterly.

As you're reviewing the program and will not have time to complete the typewriting course fully, we have a tendency to suggest that you just skip between lessons to examine however the course develops from one lesson to a different.


Typing Master Pro requires Windows 95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XP/2003/7/Vista
or a newer 32-bit (or 64-bit) Windows operating system.

Hardware Requirements:
* Pentium 300 MHz or faster recommended
* Minimum display area 800x600
* High Color display (more than 256-colors)
* 32 MB of RAM
* 20 MB free hard disk space

Download Typing Master PRO (Free)

How to install Typing Master Pro (Free):

  • Click the TypingMasterENG.exe setup file.
  • Complete the installation process. 

Open typing master pro

Press the enter license button.

Go to the Download file and open (serial.txt) file  

Here you can see the license id & product key. 

Copy them & paste.
*****Before press the enter button make sure your internet connection turn off***** 

###Now you can enjoy Typing Master Pro (Free)###


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